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Good πŸŽƒ Weekend

We had a good Halloween weekend here.  Costume party at daycare on Friday, birthday party with petting zoo and trick or treating on Saturday, and a visit to Nall’s to see Penny, chickens, and pumpkins on Sunday.

Oh, and my Halloween decorations definitely scared a couple kids.  I have a good thing in the bushes that shakes and growls with light up eyes whenever anyone walks by.  It was a hit!

I’m still waiting on my pictures to upload (NAS -> Jen’s laptop -> Google Photos), so I don’t have any good ones convenient to my iPad to post, but I’ll put some up to tomorrow.  The best I can do for now are these pictures from dinner tonight at Macaroni Grill…which happened to be the best meal out we’ve ever had with Gia.  She actually ate well and didn’t throw a fit.  Well, just a tiny one, but it was over quick.  Maybe we just need to go to restaurants where they let you color on the tablecloth.



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