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First Post!

So it’s been a month since I started work at Automattic, the company behind, and I figure it’s about time I actually started a blog of my own.

I was originally thinking of starting a coffee blog, since roasting coffee is my latest hobby, but I had trouble getting the motivation to start it.  So instead I’m just going to start with a default site and fill it with anything at all…which is kind of the idea behind blogging to begin with.

I’ll still post about coffee, but mostly I’m guessing this will be pictures of my kids.  So Mom, you can follow me here instead of being upset that I’m not on Facebook.

I started the post mentioning that I work at Automattic.  My job there is software testing, focusing mostly on writing automated tests.  And at the moment, one of my first projects is beefing up the testing of the WordPress mobile apps.  So I’m going to try and do most of my posting from the app, which means you can expect more short entries as opposed to long rambling ones like this.

But just because I’m a huge nerd, at the moment I’m writing this post from the Android app running inside the emulator, so I can still use my real keyboard.  Feel free to mock me in the comments below.


I'm an Excellence Wrangler at Automattic. I enjoy coffee, and debating who would win in a fight...

4 thoughts on “First Post!

    1. I’ll post about it later…but my coffee roaster has a USB port for computer-controlled roasting. It came with Windows software, but I have a Macbook. There’s an open-source project that should work, but is pretty buggy right now. It works better on Linux than it does on OSX, though, so I will probably be running a Linux VM on my Macbook and using that to run the coffee roaster.

      So yes, I emulate the coffee roasting too.



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