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Army Ten Miler 2015

Today I ran the Army Ten Miler for the seventh year in a row.  I’m pretty sure it was the seventh, but my numbers could be off.  I need to pull out my stack of finisher medals and count them.  That sounds pompous when I write it out, but I only mention it to highlight the fact that I didn’t get one this year.  I got to the finish line and they ran out.  It’s not like I was at the end of the pack, either, so they were ridiculously short.  They must have left a pallet of them back at the warehouse or something.  But don’t worry, they’ll mail one to me later.

Anyway, I’m on the metro now on my way home.  Once there I’ll shower and start packing for the Automattic Grand Meetup in Park City, UT.  I fly out in the morning!





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