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iOS Blues

I just got a new iPad (refurbished) so I can test the WordPress app for iOS.  It’s really hard to get used to…I’m so accustomed to Android, everything here is new and different and scary.  I really miss the always-available ‘back’ button.  Not having that makes it difficult to navigate through iOS apps.  I know there’s usually a back button at the upper left of every screen, but that’s so far out of my way as I’m holding the device.  I also miss being able to organize my home screens to remove infrequently used apps, and to place the icons where I want rather than automatically shifting them all to fill the screen from the top down.

But I do really like the fingerprint reader, I’m glad Android is finally catching up there.  The screen is also fantastic.  Now I just need to get a case for it so I don’t freak out if the kids ever get their hands on it.


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