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Turkey Tuesday

Today at daycare they had Thanksgiving Lunch for the parents, so I got to eat (separately) with both Valentina and Gia.  They were both excited to see me in the middle of the day, which was nice.  Valentina sat in my lap and ate mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans, apples, and even a little turkey.  She tried everything and ate a ton.


Gia, on the other hand, only ate baked apples and pumpkin pie.  Here she is shoving a big slice of apple in her mouth.  I tricked her into taking a bite of potatoes and she spit it out.  I think she would’ve liked it if A) I hadn’t been there to distract her, and B) the apples hadn’t been on her plate from the start.  Lessons learned for Thursday.  This will be the best Thanksgiving ever!


We’re heading to Mark’s house tomorrow.  I’m going to try to post frequently while there, because there are a bunch of new features in the iOS app that need to be tested, so I’ll hammer on those with the iPad.  This post here is being written on the new Mac desktop app.  I like it a lot, you should check it out!  Windows and Linux clients are coming soon.


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One thought on “Turkey Tuesday

  1. Scott, that is so wonderful that you got to spend time with each of the girls yesterday! Being able to share days like this with your children is so rewarding! Looking forward to seeing all of you next week!


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