Australia Bound

I spent 3 hours on the phone with various airlines and travel agents last night and didn’t get anywhere, so I’m still on my originally scheduled flight through Houston today.  But luckily the forecast looks decent for this evening when I get there, so it shouldn’t be a problem.  HOPEFULLY.

Still so hot

I wrote yesterday that it was too hot in my home office, so today I worked elsewhere.  I did my usual coffee shop -> library -> Panera rotation, but it was such a nice day out I sat outside at Panera.  It was great while there was a nice breeze, but that died down about an hour ago.  So now it’s just as hot as it would’ve been at home.

But the salad here was better than the one I would’ve made at home, so it’s still a net positive.


I worked with the government for over a decade, so I’ve long been accustomed to speaking in acronyms.  But no matter how many times I see it, I can never remember what TIL means.

Maybe if I write it down here, it will stick.

Today I Learned

Logical Inconsistencies in Tinkerbell

It bothers me that fairies need pixie dust to fly, despite the fact that they have wings. Maybe their wings are vestigial and not functional? Except they also can’t fly when their wings are wet.  But people can fly with pixie dust when they’re wet, right? 

Zarina (the pirate fairy) is the only one who questions these kinds of things, and she’s told “that’s just how it works”.  So frustrating.

And why can’t water fairies dry off their wings? They can manipulate water…that’s all they do.

New Look

I’ve been bored with the look and feel of my site, so over the next few days I may try out a few new themes.  We’ll see how it goes.