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Standing Desk – Falling Monitor

Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as the title implies.  It’s more like “drooping monitor”, but that’s not as catchy.

I recently ordered a Jarvis sit/stand desk, and finally had time to assemble it this week.  It’s great; I love it so far.  But I also ordered a monitor arm attachment to go with it, so I could reposition my large Thunderbolt monitor as I transition between sitting and standing.  I attached that piece this morning, and it can’t hold the monitor upright…no matter how hard I tighten the screw it just immediately tilts down.  I’ve opened a warranty ticket with Ergo Depot, and they should get back to me soon.  There are different versions of the arm based on how heavy the monitor is, so I’m hoping they just sent me the wrong one and can replace it quickly.

For now I have it propped up on a few Loot Crate boxes.  Good thing I don’t throw those away!  And note the awesome Doc Brown/hoverboard picture at the top of the post.  Those came in this month’s crate, and they’re fantastic.

You can see the desk in action here:


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