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Pie and Turkey and Cranberries

We got a pie pumpkin in our crop share last week, so I made a pie for Thanksgiving. I used this recipe, the first result when googling “fresh pumpkin pie”. It came out great, and got a ton of compliments. The pumpkin cutout on top was Jen’s idea. I also included a picture of the empty crust because it’s probably the only crust I’ve ever made that hasn’t been full of tears and patches.
 I also fried a turkey again this year. It’s always delicious, but this year it came out extra juicy because we brined it overnight.

 And the photo at the top of the post is of the sugared cranberries that Holly’s mom made, because they’re outstanding. I ate most of that bowl.


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2 thoughts on “Pie and Turkey and Cranberries

  1. Scott, your pie looks so perfect and delicious! Congratulations on such great results. I have never made a pumpkin pie from scratch!


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