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Colemak is a keyboard layout alternative to QWERTY.  You can read more about it here:

I’ve set as a New Year’s resolution to learn it and use it as my primary.  This post was written using it.  I usually type ~80-100 wpm, depending on the typing test you want to use.  Now I’m typing ~10-20 wpm at best.  Probably closer to 5-10 in real world usage.  It’s very frustrating, but not as hard of a transition as I expected.  I’m not quite going cold turkey, just using it a little every day.

The benefits are that it’s potentially faster, but I’m not really counting too much on that.  The bigger thing for me is that everyone I’ve talked to about it has said that their wrist/hand pain has completely gone away.  I don’t really have a big problem there, but I do have minor issues occasionally.  If nothing else maybe this will stave off carpal tunnel a while longer.


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One thought on “Colemak

  1. The only advantage I see for the efforts to learn this keyboard would be as an anti-alzheimers tactic. My brain neurons would probably go crazy.


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