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The Snow, The Sickening, and San Diego

It’s been a really long time since I’ve posted anything.  Sorry.  In my last post I said that we were expecting a blizzard.  Well, it came (~21.5″), but I couldn’t really enjoy it.  It started snowing on Friday afternoon, and at the same time I started feeling really sick.  My throat closed up and I had trouble eating and drinking.  It felt like a really really bad cold.  I finally made it to a doctor on Monday (after Jen did an amazing job shoveling out the driveway), and I found out that I had strep throat.  They put me on some amazing antibiotics, and I felt almost 100% better within the first 36 hours.  I could finally swallow food without cringing at every bite.  I was still extremely exhausted for a few days, but overall I felt great.

Now it’s the following Monday, and I’m in an AirBnB in San Diego with a few of my coworkers.  Since my company is distributed we never actually see each other in person outside of these scheduled meetups.  So I’m here for the next few days to actually work with my coworkers, which feels completely foreign.

Here are a few pictures from the snow:


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One thought on “The Snow, The Sickening, and San Diego

  1. Scott, I really enjoyed your beautiful blizzard photos! Too bad you were sick and could not be out there in the snow playing with Gia and Valentina. I am so glad that you got over your strep throat quickly and were able to travel to San Diego for your meetings. Enjoy the trip and spending time with your co-workers!


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