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One of the first things I did after unboxing my Android Wear watch was to search for lists of the top apps for the platform.  One of the ones that came up was a game called Lifeline.  I just installed it last night, and it’s pretty cool.  And it’s not limited to just smartwatches, that just gives you another way to play.

It’s billed as a “real-time” game, following a choose your own adventure format.  The plot is that you’ve been contacted via radio by a lone shipwreck survivor (in space), and you have to help guide him to survive and (I assume) solve the mystery of what happened.  The real-time bits come into play because you can’t just work through the story all at once.  One of the first decisions I had to make was whether to send him walking back towards the ship wreck or towards a distant mountain.  I sent him back to the ship, and he says “ok, looks like about an hour’s walk away, I’ll let you know when I get there.”  And then I don’t get anything from him for about an hour.  The idea is you just play a little at a time.  Hopefully it’s not too distracting during the work day.  But there’s no penalty in just ignoring the messages until later.

I’ve only been playing since last night, but I feel really immersed in it.  To the point that it pains me to only have a one line answer to his questions…I want to explain to him why I want him to do something.  But all I can do is say “Do this” and hope he doesn’t react poorly because he thinks I’m ignoring other concerns.

Of course, the immersion was slightly ruined in a recent interaction…he asked if he would be safe sleeping next to the engine reactor, and told me what his suit reported for the radiation levels.  He wanted me to look it up and get back to him, which I did.  But all of the Google search results were peppered with references to the game, since that’s what people were doing before me.  Kind of ruins the moment.

Anyway, it’s a fun game.  You should check it out if you ever read Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid.

iTunes | Google Play | Developer’s Website


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