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First Sucker

There was a Woot Off today. ¬†For the uninitiated, Woot is a site that sells crap. ¬†Literally, one of their most exciting items is a “Bag of Crap”, which is a paper bag with random, unknown stuff inside. ¬†But that’s a special item…in general they sell anything and everything at really good prices, but it’s all outdated or refurbished, or otherwise not brand-new. Normally they just have one item for sale each day (in each category…electronics, home, kids, etc). ¬†But a Woot Off is a special event. ¬†During a Woot Off, as soon as the item is sold out¬†they replace it with another one. ¬†So if you see something you want, you have to move fast. ¬†It really drives the¬†“impulse buy” mentality.

Anyway, I have the app on my phone, which is supposed to give me push notifications when they post a new item, but it hasn’t been working today. ¬†So¬†I’ve just been checking periodically, and came across a wifi camera for just $14. ¬†I’ve been thinking about getting another one for the house, so I jumped on it. ¬†And apparently I was first! ¬†I’ve never been so happy. ¬†I must’ve just loaded up the app at just the right time. ¬†Although at 1m43s to first Woot, this apparently wasn’t a crazy popular item. ¬†Sometimes they’re gone in seconds.


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