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I almost forgot!

I almost forgot to Skoodle Doot today!  I’ve been using TickTick as my TODO list / reminder system recently, and I like it a lot.  But the one feature that drives me crazy is the fact that when a reminder pops up on the phone, it turns the screen on.  The only way to keep it from doing that is to have a passcode on the screen…which I do when I’m away from home, but here I have it set to stay unlocked so it’s easier to get into.  So I disabled the popup feature entirely, which is a shame, because aside from turning the screen on it’s a great feature.

Long story short, I almost forgot because I only have the reminder as a notification and not a popup.  That combined with the fact that I have it set to not let me clear the notificaiton without dispositioning the TODO item (either marking it as Done or Snoozing it) keeps it from showing up on my watch, which is the real place I look for reminders now.

But don’t worry, I remembered in time.  My April streak is still alive.  Tomorrow we’re all going down to Smith Mountain Lake for the weekend with some of Jen’s college friends.  Hopefully we have WiFi and/or cell service so I don’t lose my streak down there.

And I didn’t have any good recent pictures on my phone, so the photo at the top is a chapulínes (grasshopper) taco I ate a few weeks ago at Oyamel.


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