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The future is now

So I was unable to avoid catching Gia’s pink eye.  I felt it creeping in yesterday afternoon, and by the time I went to bed my eye was bright red and goopy.  This morning it was pretty well glued shut.  I’ll spare you the pictures (although I did take some good ones).

The reason I took pictures was so that I could send them to a doctor over at Teladoc, which we have access to via my insurance.  Within 5-10 minutes I created an account, had a video chat with a doctor, and had a prescription sent in to my pharmacy.  All for the same price as my copay if I’d gone into an office.  The doctor looked like she was sitting in her living room drinking coffee, which is a pretty sweet gig.

It was great!  I need to set up profiles on there for the kids, because we’re pretty frequently taking them in to the doctor for something that’s really easy to diagnose.


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One thought on “The future is now

  1. Hope your pink eye is better! Hopefully Valentina won’t get it. I love the idea of video conferencing with the doctor!


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