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New Watch Face

Android Wear has some really customizable watch faces.  My initial favorite was InstaWeather, because it gave me at a quick glance all the information on upcoming weather for the rest of the day.  It’s great to just glance at your watch and know that it’s warm out right now, but will be raining at dinner time.

But I had a problem with it, because the amount of data being pulled was draining my phone’s battery like crazy.  I switched to a generic digital watch face and the problem went away.

That’s good to know for times when I’m going to be away from my phone charger for extended periods, but most of time I’m within arm’s reach of one, so I’d rather let my phone drain and have the nicer features on my watch.

Now I’m using Pujie Black, which has a similar issue draining my phone’s battery, but has the advantage of being almost infinitely customizeable.  Pictured above is the configuration I’m currently running with.  It’s got the timezone in Brisbane, Australia so I know whether my teammate over there is awake, battery status, and weather.  Tapping on the weather icon opens a new screen with more detailed information too.  Tapping the center opens a panel with quick actions for controlling any music or video playing on my phone.

Here’s the view when the screen is inactive.  I originally had this screen in full-color as well, but that ended up draining the watch battery too much.  Switching to B&W solved that problem completely.



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