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Today’s Krav Maga

Between having pink eye and traveling to Florida, I haven’t been to Krav Maga in a couple weeks until today, and it was one of the more rewarding sessions I’ve been to so far.  It started off with a warm up that completely destroyed me…5 burpees, 10 push ups, 15 air squats every minute for five minutes.  The first minute or two I had some time to breathe at the end, but by the end I couldn’t possibly keep up.  So that was bad news…my arms felt like rubber.

For some good news, we went from there into leg work, so my arms had a chance to recover.  Later on I was partnered with a ~19yo kid who was just there for the trial class, and he told me he was just blown away by how hard I was hitting him (he was holding a pad).  He’s clearly never been hit before…I’m no powerhouse.  But it was nice to be appreciated.

In case I was worried about getting too cocky, though, later I was paired with another guy for some light sparring at 50% speed with a only a few specific attacks and defences.  Most of the people I’ve sparred with in that type of scenario are going really slow, telegraphing their moves and focusing on form.  But this guy was actually trying to hit me, which is the way it should be.  We were wearing gloves and nobody was hitting hard enough to do any damage, but it was nice to get a slightly better sense of how things would work in the real world.


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