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Lucky Number 7

Pictured above are my finisher medals for the Army Ten Miler, which I’ve run for the past 6 years.  I just signed up today for number 7, which means that next year I’ll officially qualify for priority registration as a long-time runner.  That’s a pretty big deal, because normally the race sells out within the first hour or so of general registration, and it’s a race just to get signed up in time.

However, today that did not appear to be the case…as of right now they’ve only sold 27,980 out of 35,000 slots, and registration has been open for ~9.5 hours.  I’m really curious about what’s different this year and why it’s not already sold out.  Maybe the running craze is finally over and people are tired of paying for the privilege to be miserable for 10 miles.

Side note, completely unrelated…the title of this post always makes me think of the movie Lucky Number Slevin.  Good movie, you should check it out.


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