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I’ve been working for Automattic for just over 9 months, and I’ve had the opportunity for some great work trips.  I’ve been to Park City (UT), San Diego (CA), and Brighton (UK).  But the biggest trip yet is coming up tomorrow, when I fly to Brisbane (AU) to meet up with my team (one of whom lives there).

It’s going to be a great trip, and I’m really looking forward to it.  But I’m also dreading being away from my family for so long.  It’s going to be 10 whole days, spanning two weekends.  We looked into bringing them along on either end of the trip, but there just wasn’t a realistic way to make work.

That is, assuming I make it.  Right now I’m on hold with United trying to reschedule my flight.  The original flight is still “on time”, but it’s flying through Houston where there’s massive flooding.  They sent me an alert saying they’re waiving all change fees, so I’d rather get on top of it and change things now.  But I’m sure everyone else flying through Houston in the next couple days is having the same thought.  The worst that can happen is adventures.


I'm an Excellence Wrangler at Automattic. I enjoy coffee, and debating who would win in a fight...

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