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Day 4: Success*

I was out of bed at 5:32am.  Close enough that I’m going to count it.  Gia had a rough night last night…she refused to sleep, screaming and telling me to leave the room.  But then she’d cry louder when I left, so I’d have to go back in.  FUN AND GAMES.

On a brighter note, I told her yesterday that it was going to rain, and her response was “The rain water will help the flowers grow.  And the sun too”


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One thought on “Day 4: Success*

  1. Good for you, Scott! That is commendable. Towards the end of my teaching career, I used to get up at 4:30 and do 3 miles on the tread mill and exercise for a total of one hour before leaving for work at 6:30. It was the best I ever felt, and I had so much energy to face my day. I was probably aggravating my hips at the time, but I did not know it. My students did not like it because I was too animated for them when class started at 7:45. They could not believe how awake and energetic I was for that early in the morning. I hope Gia sleeps better tonight!!


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