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I saw the new Ghostbusters movie today.  Flippin’ amazing.  Sure, it had flaws, and I could nitpick all the awkward moments, and how I would’ve done it differently as a huge fan of the originals (both of them).  But at its core the movie was AWESOME!  I came out of the theater with a huge grin on my face, which had pretty much been there constantly for the last two hours.  It pays homage to the original with plenty of callbacks (which some people have said was distracting, but personally I loved every one of them).

I’ll admit I was skeptical after seeing the trailers…it looked okay, but not great.  I was afraid Kristin Wiig was going to make her “playing dumb” face the whole time, and she didn’t.  I was afraid that Leslie Jones was going to be just a stack of old tropes, but she was original and funny and fit perfectly.  I wasn’t too worried about Melissa McCarthy, and didn’t have any thoughts at all about Kate McKinnon, who ended up being my absolute favorite character.  She’s just the right mix of goofy and crazy.  I kinda want to go see the movie again right now.

Also, I want to go to NY and do this.


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