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Gymnastics Strength Training

This morning I started a new workout routine from GymnasticBodies.  It’s a subscription service, and I purchased* their Fundamentals course, which focuses on building range of motion and flexibility.  The course structure is that every day you get access to a new video or two with some exercises for you to perform that day.  There’s no defined number of reps or sets to perform at this level, it’s just focusing on figuring out your weak points and working through them.  I thought going into this that I had a good range of motion in my hip flexors, but walking across the room in an ape pose proved otherwise.  I couldn’t get my heels all the way to the ground and still support any weight on my hands.  But I’ll get there.

The site doesn’t give a ton of information on the courses up front; it’s kind of locked down until you progress day by day through the program.  I believe that’s by design to prevent people from jumping ahead and injuring themselves.  But it also means I don’t really know what to expect from here.  The general idea is that I’ll do 5 days of different motions, only doing a little bit per day (again, to prevent pushing too hard, leading to injury), and then the 6th day will be some form of self-assessment that puts everything together.

Like everything else in the self-improvement department of my life, I learned about this through Tim Ferriss and his podcast.  Coach Sommers (former US national team gymnastics coach) was a fascinating guest, and started giving a deal for podcast listeners to save 25%, which was enough to convince me to give it a whirl.  I don’t plan on posting results every day, but I’ll probably update weekly or so if you’re interested.  The Fundamentals course is 4 weeks long.  But for today – the exercises were stressing range of motion in shoulders and hips, and I expected trouble with the former and not with the latter…but it was the other way around.  My shoulders were a little tight, but not terrible, and my hips were awful.

*Technically I purchased it because it was the easiest way for me to sign up, but officially it’s a birthday gift from my mom.  Thanks Mom!


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