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Gymnastics Strength Training

This morning I started a new workout routine from GymnasticBodies.  It’s a subscription service, and I purchased* their Fundamentals course, which focuses on building range of motion and flexibility.  The course structure is that every day you get access to a new video or two with some exercises for you to perform that day.  There’s no defined number of reps or sets to perform at this level, it’s just focusing on figuring out your weak points and working through them.  I thought going into this that I had a good range of motion in my hip flexors, but walking across the room in an ape pose proved otherwise.  I couldn’t get my heels all the way to the ground and still support any weight on my hands.  But I’ll get there.

The site doesn’t give a ton of information on the courses up front; it’s kind of locked down until you progress day by day through the program.  I believe that’s by design to prevent people from jumping ahead and injuring themselves.  But it also means I don’t really know what to expect from here.  The general idea is that I’ll do 5 days of different motions, only doing a little bit per day (again, to prevent pushing too hard, leading to injury), and then the 6th day will be some form of self-assessment that puts everything together.

Like everything else in the self-improvement department of my life, I learned about this through Tim Ferriss and his podcast.  Coach Sommers (former US national team gymnastics coach) was a fascinating guest, and started giving a deal for podcast listeners to save 25%, which was enough to convince me to give it a whirl.  I don’t plan on posting results every day, but I’ll probably update weekly or so if you’re interested.  The Fundamentals course is 4 weeks long.  But for today – the exercises were stressing range of motion in shoulders and hips, and I expected trouble with the former and not with the latter…but it was the other way around.  My shoulders were a little tight, but not terrible, and my hips were awful.

*Technically I purchased it because it was the easiest way for me to sign up, but officially it’s a birthday gift from my mom.  Thanks Mom!

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Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

I bought a refurbished Gear VR headset recently.  It’s great, but my biggest problem is that I don’t own a compatible phone…Jen does.  So I can only play with it when she’s around, but not using her phone.  Last night we started playing a game with it together, though, and it was a ton of fun.  The game is Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, where the person wearing the VR headset is in charge of disarming a bomb, and the other people (just me in this case) are the “experts” with the bomb manual that says how to do it.  For example, the person wearing the headset might say “Ok, I have a module here with a bunch of wires”, and then the expert flips through the manual to find the section on wires.  “How many wires?  Are there more than 3 reds?  Is there a vowel in the serial number on the side of the bomb?  Ok, cut the second wire”

We took turns going back and forth wearing the headset and being the expert and made it through the first 5-10 levels or so.


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The girls had their first trip to the dentist this morning.  No cavities!  More importantly, they were both perfectly well behaved for the dentist and hygienists…which is more than I can say for their behavior the rest of the morning.  Gia really liked the exam chair going up and down.

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I’ve been practicing the ketogenic diet for several months now (or at the very least, an extremely low carb diet), and I feel great. But over that time I’ve accumulated a lot of various non-wheat flours and other carb free ingredients that have started clogging up my pantry.  I’ve bought them all with great intentions, but I never end up actually baking anything, so they just sit there.  Today I decided to change that, and I forced myself to make a batch of cookies.  I followed this recipe, and I think they turned out pretty good.  Jen says the cinnamon taste is a little too strong for her, but I like them fine.  They’re not going to win any taste tests compared to something made with real sugar, but it’s still a nice treat, especially paired with a cup of coffee.

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I saw the new Ghostbusters movie today.  Flippin’ amazing.  Sure, it had flaws, and I could nitpick all the awkward moments, and how I would’ve done it differently as a huge fan of the originals (both of them).  But at its core the movie was AWESOME!  I came out of the theater with a huge grin on my face, which had pretty much been there constantly for the last two hours.  It pays homage to the original with plenty of callbacks (which some people have said was distracting, but personally I loved every one of them).

I’ll admit I was skeptical after seeing the trailers…it looked okay, but not great.  I was afraid Kristin Wiig was going to make her “playing dumb” face the whole time, and she didn’t.  I was afraid that Leslie Jones was going to be just a stack of old tropes, but she was original and funny and fit perfectly.  I wasn’t too worried about Melissa McCarthy, and didn’t have any thoughts at all about Kate McKinnon, who ended up being my absolute favorite character.  She’s just the right mix of goofy and crazy.  I kinda want to go see the movie again right now.

Also, I want to go to NY and do this.

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Day 5: Failure?

I didn’t get out of bed until 6 today, but my defense is that my phone rebooted itself during the night and was stuck waiting for my password to decrypt the storage.

I had a routine physical this morning…first time in years.  Turns out I’m healthy, but I’m most interested in the results of my blood work.  Can I get away with eating bacon and cheese without spiking my cholesterol? We’ll see.

Right now I’m getting ready to go see Ghostbusters.  From what I’ve heard so far it’s really good…but if you’re going in already mad about the all female cast or the fact that it’s a reboot then you’re going to stay mad.  It’s not going to change your mind.  But I’m excited.