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Long Overdue

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything…sorry.  But today marks the beginning of a new streak; lets see how long I can keep it going.

Right now I’m on my way to the airport to fly to Whistler, BC for the Automattic Grand Meetup.  I’ll be gone for a full week, and it was really tough to leave my family this morning, but I’m looking forward to the trip.

The picture at the top of the post is from the Wildwood, NJ boardwalk over Labor Day weekend.  That’s just one of the many recent events I failed to post about.  Also, Gia turned 3 and I had my 1-year anniversary with Automattic (my Matticversary).

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Back on October 21st, almost a year ago, I posted that I had sadly lost my streak on Duolingo.  My record was 292 straight days, and I lost it by going two days in a row without taking a lesson.  My excuse was that it was the last two days of the Automattic Grand Meetup, and I was pretty busy.  But it was a little devastating.

But the next day I started over, and as of today I’ve finally passed that record!  293 days!  Huzzah!

Although in the grand scheme of things, this means that I’ve been studying Danish for almost two years, and I’m still nowhere near being able to speak it.  I can read/write okay, but I don’t have a very big vocabulary.

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Civic Duty

A few weeks ago I received a summons for jury duty for the first time, scheduled for today.  So this morning I got up and put on khaki pants and a polo shirt for the first time in almost a year, and drove down to the courthouse.  I checked in and sat in a room with a few dozen other people waiting to see if we were going to be selected to actually sit on a jury.  They said there were 3 trials scheduled for today, and there would only be a handful of us who wouldn’t be needed, but the earliest they would be able to release anyone would be 1pm.

Around 10am or so they called back the group for the first trial, and about an hour later a handful of them came back.  At that point the court clerk came out and told us that the jury for that case was selected, another case was settled with a plea, and the third was postponed to another day.  So we were let go around 11am.

It was great to be able to go home early, but I was actually looking forward to sitting on a jury and being a part of it all.  I assume it would be like every courtroom drama I’ve ever seen in TV and movies.  I wanted to see the judge throw the book at someone, or alternately have somebody rush in at the last minute with some new evidence that exonerates the seemingly guilty defendant.  Those are really the only two options.

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TV Anniversary

5 years ago today I first started running MythTV, an open-source home DVR solution.  So I’m running my own computer instead of leasing a box from the cable company.  Sure, there have been hiccups and maintenance headaches, but overall I much prefer having the personal control over my recordings.  In the statistics above you’ll see that I recorded 659 episodes of The Simpsons during the FX Network’s Every Simpsons Ever marathon, which took up 1.5TB of disk space.  Try doing that with your cable box!  (Full disclosure – I held onto them for probably a year before I deleted them because I needed the space)

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Gymnastic Bodies Week 1

I finished up week 1 of the Gymnastic Bodies fundamentals program over the weekend.  I like it so far.  Every day there are just a couple of videos to watch detailing a new stretch or exercise, including solutions and workaround for common problems.  Even after just a week I can already feel a difference in my hamstrings.  I might even eventually be able to do the most difficult yoga move of all – downward dog.

I can also feel a difference in my hips/quads, but that mostly shows up when I’m sitting in a regular chair (as opposed to one that’s designed for good ergonomics).  For better or worse I’m now much more uncomfortable sitting with bad posture in a crappy chair.  I don’t know if that will go away as I work out other flexibility issues or not.