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Oh, hi

I just realized it’s been a full week since my last post.  Oops.

It’s been a busy week…last Friday I was deathly ill.  Fever, hot/cold flashes, sweats, the whole nine yards.  Saturday I woke up fine, though (just tired).

Saturday night Jen and I went out with some friends for a birthday while her parents watched the kids.  We saw some stand up comedians at the Arlington Drafthouse, and it was a lot of fun.

Her parents left on Monday, and mine are getting in any minute now.  They’re going to watch the kids all weekend while Jen and I stay in a hotel downtown.  We were originally going to fly out to Denver for her company’s Christmas party, but the logistics just didn’t work out.  But rather than canceling our babysitters we decided to just stay local, but still enjoy some time to ourselves.  This will be the first time we’ve been away from the girls together.

The only other bits of excitement are that we’ve decorated the house for Christmas, largely thanks to the efforts of Jen’s parents.  There’s still a little more to do, and we’ll try to knock that out before this weekend.

The other thing is that I got my Christmas present from Automattic, a brand new FitBit!  I got the Charge HR, and I love it.  I’ve only had it since Sunday, but it’s been great.  I can’t say why I need to know my heart rate at any moment, but I do.

It’s especially nice since I couldn’t have anything like this at my old job.  Nothing with wireless capabilities for security reasons.  Working from home is so much better.

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One thought on “Oh, hi

  1. Scott, Ron and I enjoyed being with all of you this past week! Gia and Valentina give us so much joy!

    We are glad that you and Jennifer will have some time together this weekend!


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