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This past weekend my parents were in town watching the girls, and Jen and I spent two nights in a hotel downtown.  It was great getting away and not having responsibilities for a while.

Friday night we went out to Filomena for dinner.  Always so good.  After dinner we were feeling overly stuffed, so we walked back to the hotel.  Along the way we saw a bunch of light-based art installations for the Glow project.  I’d share some pictures, but they’re all on Jen’s phone since mine is pretty terrible.

Saturday we met some friends for brunch in the morning.  We were planning on going to the spy museum that afternoon, but we were kept out of the hotel room by the maintenance crew fixing the shower drain.  By the time we were able to get back in it didn’t feel worth it to go to the museum, so we skipped it.  Instead, that evening we went to a holiday street market with a bunch of arts and crafts booths to walk around.

For dinner we went to Acadiana, and I had the most amazing pork tenderloin with a sweet potato corn bread.

After dinner we tried to go see the White House Christmas Tree, but were shuffled out of the area by security before we got a good look.  We still don’t have any idea what was going on…clearly nothing groundbreaking or it would’ve been on the news.

All in all a great weekend.  But it was still great getting home to a babbling toddler excited to tell me everything she did with grandma and grandpa.

And since I didn’t really take any pictures this weekend, I’m including one of today’s lunch.  Looks delicious, right?

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