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Waking Up

I made an informal New Year’s Resolution that I was going to start getting up earlier.  The girls wake us up early enough, but it’s not consistent.  Some days they’re both up at 6-6:30, other days they’ll sleep until 7:30.  And it’s so much easier getting everything ready for the day if I can get up before them so I have some time without a baby attached to my hip or a toddler attached to my ankles*.

So I decided to start getting up at 5 so I have at least an hour to make coffee, eat breakfast, possibly workout, and get the girls’ gear ready for daycare.  Every day this week I’ve had my alarm set for 5 and 5:10 (because the FitBit silent alarm doesn’t have a snooze function).  And every day this week I’ve ignored it.  My main excuse is that Valentina has been waking up every night (she’s getting 2 new teeth).  But this morning was the worst of it, since I don’t even remember turning it off.  At least it’s better than an audible alarm, which would wake up Jen too.

Hopefully now that V’s teeth have fully cut through she’ll start sleeping through the night again and I can actually wake up on time and get things done as planned.

* In reading that line back I sound like a 1950s housewife, which isn’t the case.  The main difference is that I’m not afraid to show a little leg.


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