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Songs On Loop

I’ve said it before, but I first heard about Automattic from Matt Mullenweg’s interview on the Tim Ferris podcast.  But a new job wasn’t the only thing that I got out of that interview, I also picked up a stellar productivity tip.  When Matt’s really in the groove working on a problem, he just plays a single song on loop.  I’ve been doing that too, and it’s great.  There’s no urge to switch screens to look at the playlist or skip songs, it just fades to the background and lets you focus on work.

Obviously you can’t do this with just any song…you have to find one that speaks to you.  For a long time my song of choice was Possession by Evans Blue (which currently has 817 listens recorded on Google Music for me), but the last few days I’ve been looping Love Remains by Red Wanting Blue (just 60 listens so far).

On a related note, the lead singer of Red Wanting Blue (pictured above) has a great moustache, which I think I could pull off.  Thoughts?


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