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French Press

Yesterday afternoon I was having trouble focusing on work at home, so I went to Peet’s Coffee & Tea to get out of the house.  It’s one of my favorite spots to go work, because there’s always enough seating, and the coffee is good.  Better than Starbucks on both counts.  But after I ordered my normal regular black coffee I noticed on the menu that you can get it in a press pot.  So today I came back to Peet’s, and ordered the large coffee you see above.   I probably should’ve gotten a small…that’s a lot of coffee for one person to drink.  Especially since I’m uncomfortable leaving my stuff at the table while I go to the bathroom.

I’m actually at a different Peet’s today than I was yesterday too.  I ended up having to do part of the daycare dropoff this morning (usually Jen takes care of it), so I was going to just go to the Starbucks near there since it’s the most convenient.  But I looked in the window as I drove past, and it looked like all the seats were taken.  So I was going to just go to the same spot I was at yesterday, but I decided to check Google Maps just to make sure there wasn’t another option nearby I hadn’t seen yet.  Turns out they have a (new?) filter available for just Coffee + WiFi, which is exactly what I was looking for.  There was a place called Sakasa Tea & Coffee just a few minutes away.  I was amazed I’d never heard of it!  So I drove over, and ended up in the middle of a residential neighborhood.  Either somebody was running a coffee shop out of their house, or Google Maps was wrong.  But at this point I was already halfway to the Burke Peet’s, so I just drove over here.  It’s nice!  And just down the street from a library, which is where I’ll go when I get tired of sitting here.

P.S. – You can’t really see in the picture, but it’s raining cats and dogs outside.  They have some nice covered seating out there…if it was a little warmer out it would actually be really nice to go sit there and watch/listen to the rain.


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