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Engineering Happiness in Haircuts

A couple months ago I got a haircut at Sports Clips, because they just opened up near my house and were offering a free haircut to new clients.  Ordinarily I wouldn’t have gone there, since I have no interest in watching SportsCenter during the haircut, which is their main draw.  But it ended up looking really good, so yesterday I went back.

The haircut looked fine when I left the shop yesterday, but by the time I got home and it dried it just looked fluffy.  It was sticking out in weird places, and still all over my ears.  I gave it a shot, and washed it again to see if it would lay down alright, but I still wasn’t happy with it.  So today I went back in and asked them to clean it up a little.

Not only were they super happy to help, but they even gave me the full MVP experience (which is a shampoo and a light massage) on top of the trim (which was basically another full haircut).  And THEN they even gave me a coupon for another free haircut next time I go in.

So I originally picked this place because it’s in between a coffee shop and a BBQ place where I can spend all day working, but now it’s definitely my default barbershop.

However, they do lose points for not having a red/white/blue spinning pole outside like pictured above.  But to be fair, I don’t think I’ve seen one of those at any barbershop I’ve visited since I was a kid at Benny and Grover’s shop in Roanoke.


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